GenCon #2 – Welcome to the Dungeon

And she lives!
Hey, who wants to go through a dungeon?  It will be a nice vacation, just go slaughter some baddies, get some treasure, no big deal!  Wait, what was that, you loaned your invisibility cloak to your neighbor so they can pull pranks at work?  You gave your ring of power to that creepy dude who talks to himself because he beat you at a riddle?  And Merlin asked for his Holy Grail back, and swiped your healing potion while you were at it?  Well, I hope there are not TOO many monsters in that dungeon… oh wait, there is a dragon and a demon and… Yeah, you are dead!  Sorry about that… Glad it wasn’t me!

So goes the game of Welcome to the Dungeon, a push-your-luck style where you have one of three options every round – add a monster to the dungeon, take away one of the hero’s items, or say you are out!  Last one in has o use what measly supplies they have to defeat the monsters in the dungeon.  If you have survive two times through, gaining a fortune, you win!  Or if you can get everyone else to fail twice, they all got eaten and you win!  How hard can it be?

Well, how hard is it to read your friends?  Are they filling the dungeon with weaklings so that they can go in and breeze on through while you are too scared to enter, or are they packing it to the gills with Death itself to murder you in the face?  Are they leaving the things that they know they can use in the dungeon, or are they making sure to eliminate anything useful?  How far will you press your luck?

The game takes only a few minutes to play and is full of both strategy and luck.  Is it a game to base a night around?  Well, no, but it is a good palate cleanser and you will find yourself laughing, groaning, and analyzing everything after each round.  I would give it a solid 7/10

The artwork is beautiful

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