Back and Ready to Go! Gamers Unite!

                It has been a while since my last post, but I am back! 

                As for the why I’ve been gone, it’s a combination of moving, illness, and our new daughter Kylie being born.  Everything came together to form a whirlwind that caused me to lose a little bit of focus and I wasn’t always doing the thing that gave me life, like this blog.  But I’m refocused and back.

                One thing that has hanged with the move and such is that there has been less time to game. Between preparing the new house and taking care of the four kids (two human and two dog) we either don’t make the time or we are so wiped out that when the question is asked “want to play a game?” the answer is mostly “my brain is fried and I’m exhausted… can we do something else?  Like sleep?”  Yet we have found time to play some Castle Panic, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, Love Letter, and more. 

                Mainly though I have been playing more video games – either Suikoden 3 or Fire Emblem Awakening – or I have been playing board game apps on my phone.  This is only more true as off yesterday when I went and got the Humble Bundle and received Ticket to Ride, San Juan, Catan, Carcassone, and more for my phone for only $5.  So help some worthwhile charities and get some games, the deal is on for 5 more days!

                While I have been enjoying these games, I also find myself missing something.  It’s pretty easy to put a finger on, it’s human interaction.  Even playing online, I miss being in the same room playing games with my friends and family.  These games are not just games, but they are vehicles towards building relationships and creating memories.  I think back to college and all the games of Risk we played and winning in just a few turns because everyone foolishly let me gain control of Asia in the second round and LET ME KEEP IT!  MUAHAHAHA!  Or some brothers and I playing Madden so much, spending entire days on drafts let alone actual games, that the other brothers hit the game under the TV. 

                Lately I’ve been able to build new memories, such as playing Codenames so loudly with the church council in the hotel room for our retreat that the neighbors starting banging on the walls or my nephew Xander completely schooling all of us adults at Deception.  Each memory and each moment a time of shared laughter or frustration, a bond uniting us together.  Games have the ability to make us work together or dig deep in our abilities to fool and challenge each other.  Games make us think as well as examine one another to see motivations and try to plan ahead.  Games unite, both in our relationships with each other and in the community of gamers that strive to bring healing to this world, whether through humble bundles or the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund, or Child’s Play, or a myriad of other charities created by gamers to bring hope into the world. 

                So I’m glad to be back.  Look forward to more reviews and more devotions.  What are some of your favorite memories of games?  Let me know and I might just share some of them.    

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